Highly praised in professional circles, for many of you surely still an insider tip: Gather. The new platform is already considered in some forums as a new star in the sky of digital conferencing tools and offers countless features that we did not know from classic video conferencing at Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx or Google Hangouts until now. But seriously, is Gather.Town really better than Zoom?

Tool Test Gather.Town as Video

Alex and Pascal wanted to know more about this and have tested Gather.Town intensively for you for several weeks and collected experiences. They reveal Gather’s strengths and weaknesses in our latest tutorial. Is Gather Town really a Zoom alternative? For which digital events is the platform suitable? What is there to consider and what is the pricing structure? And how does that actually work with custom maps and branding on Gather Town?

Structure of the video:

  • 0:00 Gather Introduction & Explanation
  • 2:40 Rooms and Advanced Objects
  • 4:12 Private conversation areas
  • 5:09 Change figure and share screen
  • 7:25 Create your own maps
  • 9:03 Interactive elements and games
  • 10:45 Localize participants
  • 12:00 Video views and quality
  • 14:15 Advantages and disadvantages of Gather
  • 16:11 Individual worlds with Meetingland
  • 17:50 Minimap for overview
  • 18:45 Arena with video function
  • 21:40 Opinion about the right card size
  • 24:55 The crux of the payment model

Try Gather Town for free

In the explanation video above to Gather.Town you have learned now probably some things. The functions and possibilities of Gather you test but best yourself and free of charge to collect your own experience. For this we provide you with a
free Gather.Town room
for 30 days.

To help you get a feel for whether Gather.Town is the right online meeting platform for your team or event, we recommend the following:

  • For example, send your colleagues an appointment invitation in which you meet in the free Gather.Town Meetingland world.
  • Make a date with them for the next…
    • meeting
    • Coffee break…
    • Lunch…
    • Feierabend-(beer)