Das MEETINGLAND Team zählt zu den Gather.Town Partnern der ersten Stunde. Wir haben bereits zu Beginn der Corona-Pandemie Pionierarbeit geleistet und die vielen Möglichkeiten von Gather für innovative Event- und Remote Work-Formate genutzt. Im engen Austausch mit dem Produktteam und den Entwicklern haben wir aktiv daran mitgewirkt, die Gather Technologie stetig weiterzuentwickeln. Wir unterstützen gerne auch deine Organisation bei der Konzeption, Gestaltung und Umsetzung virtueller Veranstaltungen und Umgebungen. Unser Business Case ist dabei vor allem das Design individueller Gather Spaces sowie der gesamte technische und organisatorische Support drumherum. Wir bitten um Verständnis, dass wir ein Unternehmen im B2B Bereich sind und für Freizeitprojekte und private Gather Events  keinen kostenfreien Support anbieten können.

Optional additional services


Individual maps & customizations or support before or during your event are offered on an hourly basis at EUR 150.- net.

The following optional benefits may be of interest to you:

We create an individual landing page for your event with a registration option for your participants.

Participants will receive automated reminder emails and the access link to the event on Meetingland.

Your advantage: You know exactly how many participants have registered and we can buy the appropriate number of licenses up to 1 day before the event. You can also define a maximum number of possible participants/registrations in advance. The registration status incl. If you wish, we will send you the list of participants as a password-protected Excel file up to 2x before the event.

Example landing page with registration on Meetingland

Example of a login page to test out for yourself:

bookable from EUR 500

During the tech test, a Meetingland technical host explains the key features of Meetingland and Gather to the event organizer and speakers on the Meetingland map landing page created for the event. In addition, there is the possibility to clarify individual questions. After the technical test, a “backdoor” access to the event is available to the speakers and the organizer, so that they can independently prepare for the event at any time.

Price per hour

Meetingland supports you as an organizer at the beginning or during the whole event as a technical host.

  • BEFORE THE EVENT: Meetingland provides a brief guide to the technical requirements and settings for participation. This guide explains the basic functions of the Meetingland.de technology based on the Gather platform. The instructions will be made available to the organizer as a PDF as well as a 2 minute Youtube video.
  • DURING THE EVENT: Meetingland takes part in the event as a technical host, provides a live technical briefing at the beginning and is available for the organiser as well as all participants for support questions.

Price per hour

You have an event where mainly presentations are held and you want to offer a simple solution to the participants and speakers of an event? With our livestreaming option you can reach even more viewers and your speakers, speakers can hold their presentation in their usual environment (e.g. Zoom). We integrate your livestream into our Meetingland platform and stream it simultaneously on Youtube, Facebook or on your own website or landing page for the event.

Meetingland conducts a sparring workshop with you as the organizer in advance to ensure that your event and you as the host have a successful virtual event.

  • MODERATION TIPS: How to inspire participants from the beginning? How do you tie them in? How do we as a moderation team come across as competent and likeable? What best practices in facilitation should I be aware of? In the sparring session we give tips for the moderation of your event on Meetingland, train a good moderation and develop ideas for your individual questions.
  • ORGANIZATION TIPS: A professional organization in preparation is the be-all and end-all for a virtual event. For participants as well as for your organisation team. We identify individual pitfalls of the planned event and work out solutions on the basis of your event concept and with the help of our learnings from numerous virtual events, so that you can put on a well-rounded event.

Flat rate 500 EUR for 2 hours coaching incl. Preparation and postprocessing

Free initial consultation
for your event

A Meetingland representative will personally discuss your requirements and needs.
If you wish, you will receive an individual offer from us.

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